About me


Name:  Gunnar “Chinatown”Biniasch

Nationality: German

Born: 15-Feb- 1978

Job: Professional Kitesurfer / Team Manager Flysurfer Kiteboarding

Height: 184 cm

The story so far:

I started to Kitesurf in 1999, but I have been flying kites since I was 12 years old.  I was always fascinated by all typed of kites.   I taught myself to Kitesurf in Blackpool England as I was studying in Manchester at the time.  I was kitebuggying quite a lot in those days, so it was an easy progression onto the water.  Lot’s of swimming in those days, as water-relaunchable kites still had to make an appearance.  

I moved to Fuerteventura in 2002 to work as a kite instructor at the Flag Beach Kitesurf Center.  I worked full time for 4 years and developed many skills and teaching techniques that have made Flag Beach one of the most successful Kitecenters in the World.  Developing techniques to teach from a boat made a huge difference.

In 2004 I joined Peter Lynn Kiteboarding and had 5 great years riding for them and helping out in the development of the Synergy and Charger kites and the Navigator bar.  

In 2009 it was time for new challenges and I joined Flysurfer Kiteboarding.  In 2010 I managed to become German Race Champion and also took on the responsibility of Team Manager.

2011 was am interesting Year with a lot of bad luck, but I ended the Season well and finished 2nd in the German Championship. 16th in the World Rakings and 12th in the PKRA and 9th in the KTE.

2012 was a bad year.  I injured by back in Nov 2011 and had to be operated in April.  I was out for 3 Months.  I still managed a 10th at the PKRA Germany, but that was basically it for the year.  I did finish the year ranked 2nd in the IKA Slalom rankings.